Board Members

  • President of the Board: Edwin Jung MA
  • Vice-President of the Board: Pfr. i. E. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann MTh
  • Kassier: Adolf Weiland
  • Schriftführer: Mag. Franz Plankensteiner
  • Beisitzer: Daniel Lieberherr
  • Beisitzer: Ing. Reinhold Eichinger
  • Beisitzer: Irmgard Kristanell MA

Rector`s Office

  • President of Campus Danubia: Dr. Lic. theol. Ing. Jonathan Mauerhofer BA MA
  • Vice-President of Campus Danubia: Lic. theol. Richard Moosheer

Research and Teaching

  • Dr. phil. Mag.phil Christian Bensel
  • Nicole Dungl MA
  • Ing. Reinhold Eichinger
  • Lic. theol. Raimund Harta
  • Pfr. i. E. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann MTh
  • Gregory M. King M.Div.
  • Dr. Lic. theol. Ing. Jonathan Mauerhofer BA MA
  • Lic. theol. Richard Moosheer
  • Dr. habil. Peter Penner MTh
  • Ernst Prugger
  • Kai Patrick Soltau Ph.D.
  • MMMag. DDr. Paul R. Tarmann
  • Dr. Lic. theol. Armin Wunderli


  • Mgr. Katharina Penner

Management Administration Service | Human Resources | Office

  • Michaela Kummer

Public Relations | Equality | Equal Treatment

  • Mag.a Lisa Wonka 


Campus Danubia is training the next generation of leaders and professionals for churches and Christian organizations, so that they can positively shape and transform society through the Gospel.

postal address

Karl-Popper-Straße 16, 1100 Wien



Gerhard-Bronner-Straße 1, 1100 Wien


Campus Danubia
+43-(0)/812 38 60