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Campus Danubia is supported by donations of companies, private persons as well as foundations and contributions made by churches and church related organizations. Tuition fees cover only a small part of the necessary income.

Moreover Campus Danubia relies on individuals who share our vision and support our project financially.

It's your call! Become a part of Campus Danubia.

Ask the Lord how he would lead you!

Become a part of our development—and part of Campus Danubia!

Your donation is tax deductible [1], provided the regulations of the Ministry of Finance Bundesministeriums für Finanzen are fulfilled. Therefore we ask you for the following:

  • Permission to forward your data to the Ministry of Finance
  • Your full name and date of birth in order to enable a clear assignment with the Central Register of Residents (ZMR).

Representatives of Campus Danubia are available to answer your questions or to process your donations.

Jonathan Mauerhofer - President of the Campus Danubia
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Account Information

Account Holder: Campus Danubia
Bank: Raiffeisen Landesbank Niederösterreich/Wien
IBAN: AT12 3200 0000 1256 9224
Purpose: Campus Danubia
[1] All donations are tax-deductible in Austria.


Hope meets the future
Campus Danubia strenghtens the potential in church and society through research and teaching.

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