As a new educational institution, we want to serve the churches and also our community by bringing together, inspiring, and training those who are interested in studying theology.

The campus is located in the heart of Vienna and easily accessible from all over Austria (and Europe) due to its proximity to the new main train station in Vienna.

We are convinced that the peace-making message of Jesus Christ conveys values ​​that are still relevant and desperately necessary for our society today.

l.t.r.: R. Moosheer, E. Jung, M. Mauerhofer, F. Hinkelman


Campus Danubia is training the next generation of leaders and professionals for churches and Christian organizations, so that they can positively shape and transform society through the Gospel.

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Karl-Popper-Straße 16, 1100 Wien



Gerhard-Bronner-Straße 1, 1100 Wien


Campus Danubia
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