Dates and Deadlines

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Registration deadline for individual courses

If your are interested in individual course, please register at least one week before the beginning of the course.

Completion of courses

Dates and deadlines specified in the syllabus by the lectures have to be met. A delayed entry of written work is only accepted until 30th April for courses of the winter term and 30th September for courses of the summer term.

Sommer Term 2020

 Start of term and lectures 

 2nd March 2020

 Easter holidays

 6th April bis 19th April 2020


 30th Mai bis 2nd Juni 2020

 Semester break

 1st Juli bis 30th September 2020

 End of term

 30th September 2020

Winter Term 2019/20

 Start of term and lectures 

 1st October 2020

 Christmas holidays

 21th December 2020 till 6th Jänner 2021 

 End of lectures

 31st January 2021

 Semester break

 1st till 28th February 2021

 End of term

 28th February 2021



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