Quality Management

Quality management is very important at Campus Danubia as it comprises the whole spectrum of activity at the planned Private University. The high quality of teaching and studying, research and development as well as personal and administration contributes to a continuous improvement and development in every area.

Campus Danubia's quality management is based on international standards in order to strengthen the amount of responsibility, flexibility and innovation.

Quality management is improved by meetings and information events, evaluation of lectures and institutes, offers for further training and advice for employees and students, transparency of research and teaching, graduation surveys, surveys of the history of graduates and the relevance of what the have learned.

Actual plans concerning evaluation and studies in the area of quality management as well as results of surveys and evaluations will be made public.

We all are committed to quality

We want to achieve high quality in accordance with international standards as well as Austrian laws and regulations. In order to achieve this we need the cooperation of everybody who is part of the planned Private University: the quality management at Campus Danubia includes all teachers, students, staff and committee members and (in future) university graduates.

Take part now with your feedback  Feedback zur Qualität: and let us participate in your observations, suggestions or any questions you may have!

A continuous process

Quality control management is defined in the following four phases:

  1. Plan and do
  2. Measure and observe
  3. Assess and compare to the goals
  4. Control and implement necessary changes

The starting point of the process is an actual development plan. The following areas will be under research:

  1. Goals and profiling
  2. Courses
  3. Studying and teaching
  4. Research
  5. Transfer of knowledge and social responsibility
  6. Organization, financing and resources, further education
  7. Quality management
  8. National and international co-operations and internationalization

All processes, directives and plans will be made transparent to everybody who works at the planned private university and are subject to a continuous development.

Tangible and clear results

Results will be passed on to the respective person in charge. The annual report to the accreditation authority will be such a procedure. They will also be part of the next development plan. Thus a continuous learning process is created.

A summary of all internal evaluation processes as well as reports by external experts will be published here.

Up-to-date summaries and key features of the quality management system will be made available here.


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