Planned Co-operations

National and international co-operations are important for the planned Private University for Church and Society. Establishing contacts to other universities as well as national and international research institutions will also help to extend our teaching and research capacity. 

Establishing regional co-operations are also important in order to use infrastructure and synergies in research and teaching in an optimal way.

Students will be encouraged to make use of already existing co-operations and to study abroad for a term or more. Exchange options will help students to gather international and intercultural experiences.  Time abroad is also relevant for future job perspectives. Studying abroad improves career prospects and is an enrichment for research work of students at the planned Private University for Church and Society.

As the planned Private University for Church and Society is not fully accredited yet, final co-operation agreements with research institutions and universities are not yet possible. However, there are already various statements of intent concerning research agreements. Further contacts will be made and after the accreditation process has been completed co-operation agreements can be signed.


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