Board Members

  • President of the Board: Edwin Jung MA
  • Vice-President of the Board: Pfr. i. E. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann MTh
  • Treasurer: Adolf Weiland
  • Secretary: Mag. Franz Plankensteiner
  • Assessor: Daniel Lieberherr
  • Assessor: Ing. Reinhold Eichinger
  • Assessor: Irmgard Kristanell MA

Rector`s Office

  • President of Campus Danubia: Dr. Lic. theol. Ing. Jonathan Mauerhofer BA MA
  • Vice-President of Campus Danubia: Lic. theol. Richard Moosheer

Research and Teaching

  • Dr. phil. Mag.phil Christian Bensel
  • Nicole Dungl MA
  • Ing. Reinhold Eichinger
  • Lic. theol. Raimund Harta
  • Pfr. i. E. Dr. Frank Hinkelmann MTh
  • Gregory M. King M.Div.
  • Dr. Lic. theol. Ing. Jonathan Mauerhofer BA MA
  • Lic. theol. Richard Moosheer
  • Dr. habil. Peter Penner MTh
  • Ernst Prugger
  • Kai Patrick Soltau Ph.D.
  • MMMag. DDr. Paul R. Tarmann
  • Dr. Lic. theol. Armin Wunderli


  • Mgr. Katharina Penner

Management Administration Service | Human Resources | Office

  • Michaela Kummer

Public Relations | Equality | Equal Treatment

  • Mag.a Lisa Wonka 


Hope meets the future
Campus Danubia strenghtens the potential in church and society through research and teaching.

postal address

Karl-Popper-Straße 16, 1100 Wien



Gerhard-Bronner-Straße 1, 1100 Wien


Campus Danubia
+43-(0)/812 38 60