Certificate in Theology

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Study objectives

The Certificate in Theology (ZTh) covers questions which are important for churches. The focus is on issues, which are an integral part of church life, and also on how they can be developed further with an aspect of shaping society in a positive way. The curriculum is designed to provide fundamental knowledge of the bible and a theological foundation as a training for church ministry.

The students are confronted with fundamental biblical, systematic, historical and practical theology. The course contributes to a development of personality and a preparation for church and pastoral ministries.

The course program reflects on the fact that the peacemaking message of Jesus transmits values which are still up to date for our present society.

Program Outline – Time Commitment

The time commitment for the Certificate in Theology is 60 ECTS-Points, which equals a time commitment of two terms.

Admission Requirements

The entry requirement is a general qualification for university and knowledge of German (at least level B2), Students, who do not have the qualification for university, can study at Campus Danubia as non-degree students up to a maximum of 30 ECTS.


After completion of the course the student will receive a  „Certificate in Theology“.  This degree is not accredited. No academic degree will be received. Further studies in theology have to be clarified individually by the student.


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